And the score: IBM 0 / MacBook 2

What an amazingly frustrating weekend. <sigh />

The annoying IBM Thinkpad refused to connect … neither wired, or wireless (on any one of three different wireless networks, no less). On the other hand my trusty MacBook hopped online in every given scenario. Oh, and before this turns into a Windows vs. Apple cage match, the Dell Inspiron laptop also connected flawlessly in every case.

Can I have those hours of my life back, maybe trade them in against 5 minutes of something more productive … like fly-fishing in an empty pond or something?

Oh, and running the build-tool (“maven”) offline proved to be interesting – looks like when I get back to the corporate network the central code repository has been “blacklisted” by the tool because it was unreachable in multiple builds. Just perfect!

One Response to “And the score: IBM 0 / MacBook 2”

  1. Ali says:

    O’Neil : “There are no fish in my pond”