“Eve of the War” (from Jeff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds”)

“Wild” performing a cover of “Eve of the War” live

now, “Wild” broke up, and two members went on to form the band “Escala” (briefly called “Scala”)

Escala – Kashmir Featuring Slash (of Guns ‘n’ Roses fame)

I know that track – its been done before by the quartet “Bond”. Which version do you prefer:

Bond – Kashmir

Its a good thing that Escala renamed themselves, as YouTube turned up the “Scala” choir cover version of “Enjoy the Silence” (Depeche Mode)

which begs a comparison with other versions of the song:

Depeche Mode (the original)

Cover versions

Tori Amos

Breaking Benjamin




Van Helsing & Van Giessen


Lacuna Coil

At the end of the day, my vote rests firmly with Lacuna Coil as being the best cover of this track.

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