The Phantom Of The Opera

Comparison of versions:

Sarah Brightman and Antonio Banderas

(did you know that ‘Puss in Boots’ from “Shrek” could sing?)

Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman

Steve Harley and Sarah Brightman

(ok, so who gave them permission to re-write the lyrics?)

Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum

(one minute he’s killing Persians in “300” then he’s singing, who ever knew he had the voice?)

One Response to “The Phantom Of The Opera”

  1. Merinda says:

    I knew Antonio could sing. Haven’t you seen Evita? (and he sure beats the pants off Pierce Bronson in Mamma Mia).

    This may be a stupid/weird reason but part of why Phantom isn’t my favorite is because of the soprano. I have a hard time understanding the lyrics sometimes, let alone singing along.