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  • For a Little Naquadah More


    Hosted on blogspot, this is an ongoing fanfic blog. Header image and content are mine, the template is stock Blogger.

  • Gatebuzz


    News and buzz about the upcoming Stargate Worlds MMORPG. The site content, design and associated podcast are all mine.

  • The Vixens Faction


    The website for an in-game faction from The Matrix Online – based around a phpBB forum and home-grown CMS that uses the installed phpBB theme. Enhancements to phpBB to add CMS functionality was mine as well as on-going site moderation.

  • In a mirror, dimly


    My own blog – content, design and associated audio are all mine.

  • The Free Press Alliance


    Hosted using Google Apps, this site is an umbrella for news-sites relating to the upcoming Stargate Worlds MMO. Site content and design are mine.

  • Quantum Tea


    My wife’s blog. The “Henge” theme was my work.

  • Post-Nano Colab


    A collaborative wiki environment for group of local writers brought together after the National Novel Writing Month. Wiki theme, moderation and come content is mine, along with coordination of the writing group offline.

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