I am British.

I was born in Cardiff – in St. David’s hospital that has since been torn down. I am told that they left just the front of the main building because it was historic. Technically, therefore, that makes me Welsh by virtue of my birth. It was a big deal to me to get a copy of my birth certificate from the original office in Wales because it’s bi-lingual, all the fields labelled in both English and Welsh languages. Its also one big reason why I adore the sci-fi TV show “Torchwood” – all those amazing Welsh accents!

I lived all over the south of England while growing up, but I associate strongest with Blandford Forum in Dorset. I studied at Blandford Upper School (now called the Blandford School) before taking off at age 18 to University.

My hometown, the place I put my own roots down, is Guildford in Surrey. I arrived there in autumn of 1988 and left summer of 1998. It’s the longest I have lived anywhere, albeit living and working in “the Guildford area” rather than in the middle of town all that time.

I studied Computer Aided Chemistry at the University of Surrey in Guildford. After graduating I worked in the town of Frimley and lived in the nearby town of Camberley.

In 1998 my wife and I moved out to St Louis, Missouri, USA. If you’ve been listening to any TV you’ve probably heard the politially correct term “African-American”. This has been picked up by other groups and gets used for such diverse people groups as “Irish-American”, “Polish-American” and so on. The label I am most interested in gaining is either “English-American” or “Welsh-American” though!

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  1. Richard says:

    Hi Paul,
    Stumbled across your site while looking at Paul Bristow’s.
    I looked at Alison’s first, but I believe that you and I knew each other in person at Surrey.
    I was friends with PB and also Nick Morgan, John Monk, Althea de Souza among others. (John and PB are the only ones on that list I have kept up with.)
    From your site you sound happy and settled.

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