I aspire to the ideals of Free software. I believe that transparency at all levels of the software development process, from initial design through to released product, only serve to increase quality. Higher quality means an engineer that can take pride in their work. It means a client that doesn’t feel ripped off, since they can see what has been worked on. It means that the up-and-coming engineers have something to learn from in their older brethren. It means that lazy programmers can hit deadlines by culling code from similar projects. So many good things.

Some free / open source software licenses are viral and infect projects that incorporate code, forcing a change of license on them. In the commercial world that I’ve lived in so far, that has caused more than one manager to balk. Software licensed under a BSD style licence has no such viral implications. All my code released from here on out will therefore be covered under this license. Do with it what you will.

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