Deep Blue Sea II - Harsh Mistress
Nanowrimo 2008

Alright people … these sharks are thinking … hard & clear … so here’s the riddle what does an 8000 pound mako shark with a brain the size of a flathead V8 engine & no natural predators think about?

— Russell Franklin

For five years the secrets of Aquatica have remained hidden, consigned to the depths. For five years Carter Blake and Sherman ‘Preacher’ Dudley have rebuilt their world after the disaster that nearly claimed their lives.

Dr. Susan McCallister’s dream – an Alzheimer’s cure harvested from the brain of genetically engineered Mako sharks – long thought dead, is about to rise from the deep. Lawyers from Chimera Pharmaceuticals are pressing charges in the wake of a successful hostile take-over bid by German investors. Meanwhile, a covert skunk-works team has reactivated McCallister’s research beginning with some old Aquatica offsite data backups and positively ancient breeding stock.

The Dream of Eternal Night
Nanowrimo 2007
My name is James, and I’m an alcoholic. Isnt that how I am supposed to start a meeting, to start a diary … to introduce myself nowadays?

Please forgive the outburst I just woke up. It was only a little while ago … I dont know the time because there’s no clock in here. All I found was this book and pencil. When I woke up I was in the corner. I was on the floor. Why was I on the floor? Where? Where am I? Where did the rest of them go to? How did I end up in this room? Why does the room have no furniture? No door. I have light but there are no light fittings.

The Abyss Stared Back
Script Frenzy 2007

The Abyss Stared Back

Script Frenzy 2007
The challenge: write a 20,000 word screenplay in 30 days!

Rated R

The Matrix :: Repercussions
Nanowrimo 2006
I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid … you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change.
— Neo (‘The Matrix’)

In their zeal to fight the rising anomaly and upgrade the Agents that protected the system, the Machines made mistakes.

Battles with the freed minds of Zion, the rise of the Smith virus and the systemic anomaly that threatened the Matrix itself paled into insignificance once they realized that something far older and far more dangerous had been released from its digital prison.

The Blight threatened not only the denizens of the Matrix, but every sentient being on the planet.

Every decision has its repercussions.

Highlander :: Evolution
Nanowrimo 2005

Who are the black clad figures stalking Duncan MacLeod?

After Joe and Methos find Duncan dead, and unable to rise again, will they be able to find the elusive immortal known only as “the Chinaman”? Are the eleven accupuncture needles in Duncan sustaining him, or keeping him dead and will the Chinaman know?

What was the meaning of the haiku poem written on the wall of Duncan’s barge in his own blood?

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