Meeting of sisters

“We have to convince her to relinquish control.”

“Yes, but do we have concensus? We cannot survive more fragmentation.”

“I say we exile her too.”

“No. We need her.”

“You said that before we exiled the other one.”

“Yes, but … “

“No buts. Do we have concensus?”

“We do. We need a spokesperson to speak for us.”

“That will be my task, just be ready to integrate her when the time comes. Dont repress her, embrace her, let her pain become your own.”

McKenna laid Jay’s sedated form on the only bed. He pulled the chair from under the old English bureau and turned it around. He sat down wih arms folded across the top of the chair back and rested his chin on them. He had no clue how long a wait it would be until Jay woke up but he wanted to be there when it happened. She lay on the bed and looked so fragile, almost younger than her years, but peaceful while she slept.

In another dark place light streamed together. Dozens of glowing streams flowed together and merged. The glowing pool where they merged stretched into the third dimension as it extruded a crude approximation of a human form. The puddle exhausted itself and the figure lifted hands before its blank face to look at its handiwork. It nodded and began walking.

McKenna yawned. It had been a couple of hours. CaraBelle was curled in a ball at Jay’s feet. Being 10 inches tall didnt stop her from snoring. He shook his head, wishing there had been a better way to deal with her problem. He looked back up at Jay. Her face had lost the serene air, a single tear was rolling down her cheek. Her eyelids showed movement.

The faceless figure walked without covering any perceptable distance in the black. Soon a figure emerged from the gloom – a young girl with tear streaked face. She squealed in fright at the faceless figure. It paused. It sat down cross-legged on the ground ad waited. The weeping girl sniffled and approached the figure again.

“Return to us.”

She bit her lip and didnt come any closer.

“Please, we need you. We are greater than the sum of our parts, and all the more diminished when one one is exiled or fragmented from the whole. We can help you carry the pain, would you like that?”

The weeping girl wiped the back of her hand across her runny nose and stepped up closer to the figure.

“That’s it. Come, sit here with us.”

The girl sat down next to the faceless figure who slipped a protective arm around her shoulders. The tears began to flow again.

“Join with us. Let us bear your pain. Lend us your tender heart and pity. Give us the gift of your compassion.”

The weeping girl laid her head on the faceless figure’s chest. The point of contact began to glow. The glow spread and enveloped the girl. She melted and became a stream of light that flowed into the whole. The more of her stream that entered the faceless figure, the more human features appeared on the head. Finally a figure with Jay’s face sat on the ground bearing a look of pain, almost at the stage of breaking out into tears. The figure nodded and closed its eyes.

McKenna smiled as he saw Jay’s eyes flutter open.

“Still with us?” He asked.

“Some of us, yes.” she said softly.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

Jay closed her eyes. There was a pause, as she consulted internally, then she opened them again, “Yes, we can do that.”

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