Angel : Virtual Season 6

30 pieces of silver
Dovetails into final episode of Angel season 5, bringing closure to the battle with the help of a few friends. Gunn’s mortal wound claims his life, last seen being carried off in a police body bag.
Live like you are dying
Angel encounters another en-souled vampire in a suicidal state, and fails to protect a man accusing Angel of actions he hasnt commited. Final moments of the episode, Gunn draws a shuddering breath and wakes up in the morgue.
“And the geek shall inherit the earth”
Andrew and a friend pay Angel a visit, and one fails to return home.
Lock, stock & barrel
Gunn returns, and the crew run a battery of tests on him thinking he’s a demon.
Illyria comes to terms with being a gestalt being, facing her inner Fred.
Hour of the wolf
The team take on The Wolf (part 1)
Hungry like the wolf
The team take on The Wolf (part 2) – the assault turns into a rescue of an old ally.
Spirit & truth
Angel’s sacrifice in freeing Wesley from The Wolf results in him becoming the new keeper of the Deeper Well
Living waters
Wesley takes charge in Angel’s absence, but all is not well.
Sins of the fathers
Wesley’s real father and Connor team up to free Angel from being keeper of the Deeper Well, and bring Wesley’s deals with WR+H to light.
Time waits (for nobody)
Angel meets Chronos again, who denies knowledge of his earlier accusations. Illyria/Fred time fugues under the influence of The Ram
Judas wept
Wesley faces the consequences of his actions, and relives past and future events as time ripples spread from Chronos rescue of Illyria
Fractures in time / crossovers
The Office: Word, Excel,Access & Powerpoint
Ritual magick – a spoken ritual – needs to be practiced to get access to a sorcerors place of power.
Who wants to live forever
Gunn falls foul of “watchers”, while “watchers” enlist the aid of an immortal swordsman. Gunn’s return from the dead is explained: he carries the “highlander gene”
Union of the snake
One of the crew is changed forever using the totems taken from the powerpoint in episode 614
Time and eternity
Angel and crew enlist Chronos in an assault on The Hart
Groove is in the Hart
Consequences are revealed as The Hart strikes down Chronos, explaining episode 602. An old-one dies, places are exchanged and drinks shared on the beach.

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