Crossover character from Piers Anthony’s "Incarnations of Immortality" series.

Chronos is the incarnation of time and lives his life backwards from the moment he receives his hourglass back to the point of his birth. In this season of Angel we encounter Chronos early in the season and witness a rather violent hand-over of office, prematurely, as the consequences of actions of Angel and Co in late season 6. Chronos is a recurring character through the season.

The incarnation we know as Chronos through season 6 is rather plain, with close cropped brown hair, medium build and standing about 5’10. He’s very detail oriented having worked as an accountant during his life prior to taking the position as an incarnation. This incarnation has found that the hourglass can appear as any timepiece, and he likes to keep it shaped as an antique pocket watch to fit in with his "stuffy English gentleman" persona.


Originally introduced in "And the geek shall inherit the earth" as a friend of Andrew’s from England. He sticks around when Andrew goes home to help Angel and his crew – filling the role that Fred vacated.

At the end of the season he undergoes a transformation as a result of items lifted from a sorceror’s place of power. Partway through the metamorphosis he’s taken by the Old-One awakenned (from the Deeper Well) and "turned". He in turn rounds on the Old-One and dispatches him, and plays a vital part in the final battle.

Duncan McCleod

Crossover character from the series "Highlander".

Duncan is an immortal and explains what’s happened to Gunn – his trip to the "White Room" at the end of Season 4 re-wrote his DNA, introducing the "Highlander Gene". Wolfram & Hart were expecting his violent lifestyle to trigger a quickenning far sooner than this.


Sire of the 1st Turok-Han, released from the Deeper Well and finally taken down by the transformed (nerd).

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